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$1500 from a stranger

On Company - Friday, May 08, 2009

Here is a unique way that one company ensured their employees would be loyal and motivated. It is a story about Lance, Inc.  Read on...

What is your "why"?

On Company - Thursday, October 23, 2008

This morning I attended a presentation by Simon Sinek. He says that a company that is loud and clear on WHY it is in business will naturally attract customers and employees who are in alignment with that WHY. However most business are clear on WHAT they do, but not WHY. Example: Apple does not say "We make computers and electronics". They say "We challenge the status quo. And our products are computers and electronics". Big difference. Recently we've become clear about our company's WHY, we've just not said it loud and clear. We are in the business of helping people love their work. And how we do it is corporate team building. Think about companies that you know and consider what their WHY is. What is YOUR company's WHY? What is your personal WHY?  If you're not sure what your WHY is, here is a hint...it is something that moves and inspires you... By the way, an Enlightened Team, which I've written about in previous posts, is VERY clear about its WHY and members of team are all in alignment with that WHY.

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